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LASIK Time in Korea – The Consultation
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It just needs to be said that when I think of my eyeballs being cut or lasered it makes me sick, but Im SO sick of wearing glasses and contacts that Ive pretty much gotten over it. I find not thinking about the specifics is the answer to this whole process.

Id been perusing the web for articles on LASIK in Korea when I came across this little gem. It was really all it took to convince my hubby, Matt, and I that we were ready to take this leap into being non-glasses-wearing, 20/20 visioned-people. I saved this article and we began thinking about when this kind of surgery would work for us about 7 months ago. Fast forward to 2 weeks ago, after having both solidified great teaching contracts for the upcoming year, and we realized the time to do it was now.

List of self-convincing reasons to do this -> We still have nearly a month off before we start teaching (check). We have the money sitting there and pretty much begging for an opportunity to be spent on something like this (check). We know from past appointments in Canada that were both elligible LASIK candidates (check). And finally were incredibly sick of our less than flattering array of glasses that annoyingly clutter up our apartment (check).

We liked the sounds of the aforementioned articles experience at the Sojunghan Nun Ophthalmology Clinic and when we saw their ad on Busan Haps we knew it was meant to be. We made the call (051-920-7788) and two days later we went to Centum City for our consultation. The office is very easy to get to. Take the train to Centum City (206) on line 2 (green line) and go towards exit 13. Youll see an escalator right next to the exit, take the escalator up. Follow the signs towards the elevators and go to the 14th floor.

Once youve checked in at reception theyll usher you to the waiting area. Everything is immaculately clean and tastefully decorated; we felt really comfortable there. One of the nurses, who spoke great English, came to take our information. Asking us for information about our health, length of time wearing glasses and where we heard about them among other things.

After the paper-part was finished they ushered us over to a variety of eye-checking machines and the testing began. It seemed to take around 20-30 minutes for the exams to be completed. We then sat down and waited to see the Doctor to hear about our results.

The main Doctor is very friendly and speaks great English. After meeting him, we both felt incredibly at ease about having our surgery done by him. We were both given the good news that our eyes are good to go for surgery. He then put corrective lenses on top of our glasses and told us that after surgery we will be able to see that good or at least as good as the way we currently see with our glasses now. In this moment we both felt pure JOY!

Id been wearing glasses for over 20 years and Matt has worn them for over 30. Its hard to imagine life without something youve had for so long. Some of the things we think were going to love include waking up and being able to see straight away, seeing in the rain, seeing in the shower, seeing while we swim, running without glasses, wearing sunglasses!!!, getting our haircut and being able to watch, not having to push up our glasses or having to wear uncomfortable contacts or glasses ever again. Now these fantasies were becoming a reality. I didnt think Id feel such freedom from something as simple as never wearing glasses again, but I definitely did.

We were brought into a separate office and asked if wed like to book in an appointment for the surgery. We were eager to do so and made our appointment for two days later at 2:00pm. She told us that the type of LASIK surgery we would be getting would be ₩1,500,000 for each of us and this was discounted from ₩1,800,000/each. So for ₩3,000,000 ($2800.00 CAD) well both be getting our eyes done with cutting edge technology and a highly experienced Doctor. This is half the cost of what we would have paid in Canada at an equally experienced clinic. Not that Im necessarily looking for a bargain on anything to do with my eyeballs, but you cant beat this situation no matter how you look at it, pricing or otherwise.

So, at this time tomorrow well be glasses free, with slightly sore but healing eyes. Ill be writing part 2 to this little adventure shortly and without glasses onstay tuned!

Contact Information: Sojunghan Nun Ophthalmology Clinic (051-920-7788)

Hours of operation: Mon – Thurs 9:30am – 7:00pm, Fri 9:30am-9:00pm, Sat 9:30am – 4:00pm, Sun/holidays closed, lunch time 1:00pm-2:00pm

Directions - Take the train to Centum City (206) on line 2 (green line) and go towards exit 13.

Youll see an escalator right next to the exit, take the escalator up.

Follow the signs towards the elevators and go to the 14th floor.